Trixie’s Sunbeam


Trixie is the most popular member of the Hi and Lois cast.  She gets more mail than any other character, particularly from parents who are convinced that their babies must be thinking the same thoughts.

Trixie has added many new dimensions to her personality over the years.  She is appropriately cute and cuddly, but she is also resourceful, perceptive and downright defiant at times.  She watches the world through the window of the Flagston home and sees things in a way no one else can.

Hi and Lois Sunday page, May 10, 1959.  This is one of the first episodes to feature Trixie and her sunbeam.

Hi and Lois Sunday page, May 10, 1959. This is one of the first episodes to feature Trixie and her sunbeam.

Trixie’s sunbeam is one of Mort Walker’s most successful inspirations.  “I got that idea from observing my own children,” he recounts.  “It looked so cute, seeing a baby sitting in the sunlight, luxuriating in the warmth and brightness, with sparkly dust flying around, glistening in the sun’s rays.”

Readers, particularly grandparents, love Trixie and her friend the sunbeam.  People are suckers for sentimentality and, as the creators of Hi and Lois, we aren’t afraid to give it to them without letting it get too saccharine.

Hi and Lois daily strip, May 16, 1962.  Trixie's sunbeam in black-and-white.

Hi and Lois daily strip, May 16, 1962. Trixie’s sunbeam in black-and-white.

It’s hard to keep coming up with new angles for the sunbeam.  Keyholes, blinds and clouds have all been put to use.  Hopefully, for the sake of our readers, the variations are endless.

– Brian Walker


25 thoughts on “Trixie’s Sunbeam

  1. Good morning Mr. Walker-

    I currently work with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). September is National Preparedness Month and we hope to raise awareness and the importance of taking proactive measures to protect life and property prior to a disaster. Do you have “preparedness cartoon” for this month? If possible, would you consider developing one? I’d love to talk further about it. Please let me know the best way to contact you.

    Warm regards,

  2. Cyn – Good to hear from you. We get many requests to do advocacy strips for worthy causes. Unfortunately it is not easy to come up with ideas that are both relevant and humorous. Our syndicate also discourages us from doing too many of these types of strips. If I can think of a good idea, I will try to do something, but I can’t promise that I will. Thanks for your interest. – Brian

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