The Road Trip – Week One


I made an error in a previous blog post.  I stated that the cross-country road trip the Flagstons took in 1966 lasted for three weeks.  I just pulled the proofs and discovered that the journey spanned more than a month, from July 11 to August 13, 1966.  It is the longest continuity ever done in Hi and Lois.

We will be featuring all thirty daily strips and four Sunday pages during the coming weeks on this blog.  Although some of these strips were reprinted in the 1986 book, The Best of Hi and Lois, this is the first time the complete story has been released since its original publication date.

Producing this sequence was an ambitious undertaking.  Mort Walker researched a selection of top vacation destinations and Dik Browne illustrated some of the most detailed scenes ever done in the strip.  “I went to some places I’ve never been, doing that series,” Dik remembered.

Here is the first week of daily strips from the story.July 11July 14

I would like to thank Bill Janocha who scanned these strips from the original King Features proofs in our archives.

We hope you come back to see more strips from this historic series!

–Brian Walker


2 thoughts on “The Road Trip – Week One

  1. One thought on “July 10, 2013”

    DPF on July 10, 2013 at 1:27 pm said:

    Hey Brian — Not exactly apropos of your post but knowing your all-consuming love for the comics I wanted to share this article about the little known correspondence between Ernie Bushmiller (creator of the Nancy) and the great playwright, Samuel Beckett.

    Fascinating stuff! Underscoring again the impact the comics have had on our culture.

    Have been reading Hi & Lois since it was first published in the L.I. Press and Newsday in the 50’s. Thanks for posting the older strips on a regular basis — nice to see that although the times have changed that the humor and spirit of H&L remain true to the original.

  2. The third daily strip is exactly what happened the morning I was to drive across many states to my freshman year of college. The car was packed and all plans were set. Maybe it was a sign?

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