The 1999 Road Trip – Sunday Page #2


In the second Sunday page episode of the 1999 road trip, the Flagstons continue their drive across the Midwestern states.  It’s been a bad day.  Anyone who has ever gone on a family vacation must know what this situation feels like.

Hi and Lois Sunday page, August 15, 1999.

Hi and Lois Sunday page, August 15, 1999.

Chance did a terrific job illustrating this two-week series.  The drawing in the drop panel at the top of the page sets the scene with the farmhouse and silo on the distant horizon and the planted fields in the foreground.  These are wide-open spaces.  The silhouette of the car pulling the trailer in the middle panel is a particularly effective graphic transition.  The approaching tornado in the final panel helps create a sense of impending doom.  What happens next is left up to the reader’s imagination.

Hopefully things will improve for the Flagstons as they continue their journey across America.  Stay tooned for the second week of daily strips.

– Brian Walker


One thought on “The 1999 Road Trip – Sunday Page #2

  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful strips — such a “departure” from the usual format in more ways than one.

    I loved revisiting one of my favorite series (and to be reminded to take a look back at last summer’s blog posts which highlighted the original road trip).



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