Fall Foliage #7

Hi and Lois Sunday page October 17, 2010.

Hi and Lois Sunday page October 17, 2010.

A leaf peeper is a person who visits particular areas, especially in New England, to view the autumn foliage. In the episode above, Dot and Ditto come up with a clever way to make some money off the people passing through their neighborhood to look at the colorful leaves.

Stay tooned for more classic Sunday pages from our archives that celebrate the fall season.

– Brian Walker

2 thoughts on “Fall Foliage #7

  1. HI & LOIS is, by far, my favorite comic strip! I like the way it consistently portrays family values! I’ve saved the July 6, 2014 comic strip, in which Lois is asking Hi about going on a summer vacation. Hi explains the reasons why the family isn’t going anywhere. I especially like the panel showing the entire family huddling together to keep warm. To me, it shows the family dealing with the cold, together! They have dealt with many other issues, in this way, through the years,as a very loving family! I would hope more families would become as avid a reader of HI & LOIS, as I have. There are a lot of family value lessons in the strip, week in and week out! My compliments to Greg & Brian Walker and their staff, for accomplishing this!!!

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