Timeline – 1960 Part 4


Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, July 10, 1960.

In this fantastic Sunday page, Hi speculates about how archeologists in the future might interpret the junk in Chip’s room. Fifty-seven years later, it is still hard to predict if any of this will ever come to pass.

Chip is a typical teenager and his messy room has provided a rich source of gag material in the strip for over six decades. Someday he will get around to cleaning it up and Lois will not believe her eyes.

Drawing the clutter has been a challenge for Dik and Chance Browne, but they never complained. It was fun filling up Chip’s room with comic books, records, musical instruments, soda cans, sports equipment, dirty clothes and other bric-a-brac. A model airplane dangling from the ceiling was always the finishing touch.

Next week our timeline moves into 1961, so stay tooned.

– Brian Walker


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