Timeline – 1965 Part 3


Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, November 21, 1965.

Dawg is the Flagston family’s pet. He is a big, floppy sheepdog. He’s warm and friendly, furry and fun. He’s sort of like Thirsty in a dog suit. He was created to be different than other comic strip dogs, which are primarily frisky tail waggers.

Dawg plays mostly with Trixie. In the Sunday page above they have a stimulating conversation with Trixie imitating all of Dawg’s utterances and expressions.  He’s teaching her to talk.

Trixie and Dawg interact in many other ways. She gives him her unwanted food. They go for walks together and snooze in the sunbeam. They’re best pals.

Readers can be privy to Dawg’s thoughts, which aren’t very deep. Although Dawg is sometimes seen doing things that are very un-doglike, there is a fine line of believability that can never be crossed.

To maintain the realism in Hi and Lois, the fantasy must not compromise the credibility. Dawg can act human at times, but he will never fly on top of a doghouse like Snoopy.

Stay tooned for more classic episodes from the 1960s in our Timeline series.

– Brian Walker


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