Timeline – 1973 Part 2


Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, March 18, 1973.

The clothing that the characters in Hi and Lois wear has not changed much over the years. Hi with his frumpy golf sweater and khakis. Chip with his baseball cap, T-shirt and blue jeans. Dot and Ditto with their big shoes that resemble the boots in Beetle Bailey.

But Lois Flagtson occasionally flirts with fashion. In the Sunday page above she buys a stylish pink pantsuit and goes to Hi’s office to show it off. She vamps, sings, spins and prances in her new threads leaving Hi’s co-worker in a state of shock. Lois is a mother but she is also an attractive young woman who likes to flaunt her figure.

Dik Browne must have consulted some fashion magazines when he drew this episode.   Below is a photo from the November 1973 issue of Vogue that he might have come across.

The colorful mini-skirts and bold prints of the 1960s also made their way into the panels of Hi and Lois. In this strip from 1967, Lois tries on a very mod-looking outfit that doesn’t go over well with daughter Dot.

Although Lois usually wears practical clothing – comfortable sweaters, skirts and pants – she does like to dress up now and then. It’s fun to look back and see how fashion trends have been reflected in the strip throughout its long history.

Next week we will continue our Timeline series in the year 1973, so stay tooned.

– Brian Walker


6 thoughts on “Timeline – 1973 Part 2

  1. Love all these Sunday strips, and I enjoy the comments. Your strip is one of the first ones I read every morning; and I have most of the collections. I’m so glad this strip is included in the vintage section of Kingfeatures. Love the artwork. Thanks for bringing so much joy into the world.

  2. I am so disappointed in your Sunday, Feb 17th strip. What is Lois teaching her children…….to NOT be an American and honor a sitting president? Is she teaching them to be frightened of their neighbors because opinions may vary? The four presidents that the children apparently are supposed to be familiar enough with to not only create a snowman in their images, they also know enough about them to dress them accordingly also. Any of Lois’s neighbors may object to any or all of the four presidents for a myriad of reasons, Kennedy didn’t exactly have a great track record, maybe Lois should have had the children take Kennedy’s down. I’ve always enjoyed Hi and Lois for many years, now I think I’ll be skipping on down the page and avoiding it. And the next time my local newspaper asks it’s readers which comic strips we want to keep, Hi and Lois will not be one of my choices, as it has in the past. I saw no humor in Sunday’s strip whatsoever, just a statement of intolerance and very poor judgement. Please keep politics out of the Sunday comics.

  3. Thanks for this fascinating series on the history of the strip.

    I feel really bad about all the negativity over last Sunday’s strip. It surprises me how easily offended some people can be. Shame on them. There is clearly no opinion taken in that one, and even if there was its not a big deal. I have enjoyed Hi and Lois for many years and greatly appreciate all the effort in running quality daily strips.

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