Timeline – 2000 Part 4


Hi and Lois Sunday page digital proof, February 6, 2000.

In this atmospheric winter scene there is a subtle reference to Mr. Thurston’s drinking.

Thirsty made his first appearance in the strip on June 9, 1961.

Hi and Lois daily strip, June 9, 1961.

Within in a few years, the Flagston’s next-door neighbor was a regular character in the strip.  He also liked his alcohol.

HI and Lois daily strip, January 11, 1964.

Hi and Lois daily strip, November 22, 1964.

In recent years he has cleaned up his act somewhat.  We redesigned him slightly, removing the lines from his nose and the cigarette from his mouth.

Although his appearance has changed, he essentially remains the same.  He performs an important function in the strip.  He is lazy and irresponsible.  He still drinks.  He is everything that Hi is not. He makes Hi look good by comparison.

Next week we will be moving into 2001 in our Timeline series, so stay tooned.

– Brian Walker


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