Timeline – 2002 Part 2


Hi and Lois Sunday page digital proof, March 17, 2002.

When this Sunday page was published, mail order catalogs were sent regularly to shoppers from many of the major retail outlets.  Now that most consumers purchase products online, not as many companies send printed sales brochures.

Here is a swimsuit catalog from the same year as the episode above.

Lois is a suburban wife and mother who usually dresses in fairly conservative clothes.  But she is also an attractive woman who occasionally wears something a little more revealing.

In 1968, Lois tried on a bikini, a new style of swimsuit that was just becoming popular at the time.

Hi, like many men, has a double standard.  He likes to see pretty girls wearing sexy clothing, but he doesn’t want his wife to wear the same outfits in public.  Hopefully, Lois will assert her independence and wear what she wants.

Readers seem to enjoy when Lois puts on something more provocative.  This works best as a change of pace, rather than as a regular occurrence.  Most of the time she sports a skirt, pants, shirt or sweater.  Modesty seems to be the best policy when it comes to her attire.

Next week we will continue our Timeline series with another episode from 2002, so be sure to check back.

– Brian Walker


2 thoughts on “Timeline – 2002 Part 2

  1. very funny to see Hi’s hypocrisy in liking the girl in the catalog but being shocked to see Lois in the same suit. I’m glad that the strip has a sense of humor and enjoy it very much; it’s one of the first ones I read in the morning. I’m glad to be able to see the old strips in the Kingfeature’s vintage too. Keep up the good work.

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