Timeline – 2005 Part 4


Hi and Lois Sunday page digital proof, August 7, 2005.

Hi and Lois has been primarily a gag-a-day strip since its inception.  This means that each episode is a self-contained entity.  There have been stories that lasted for a week or more, but these tend to be special occasions.

Vacations have provided periodic opportunities for the Flagstons to break out of their daily routine and travel to interesting destinations.  In the early years of the feature, these usually occurred on a single Sunday.

On September 17, 1961, the family visited “Ye Olde Colonial Village” which resembled Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.  A year later, on September 16, 1962, they went to the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut.  These trips, intended as educational experiences, often ended with a humorous misinterpretation by one of the kids.

From July 11 to August 13, 1966 the Flagston family went on a cross-country road trip.  This is the longest continuity ever done in Hi and Lois.

We republished the entire story beginning with this post.


Click on the “next” button in the upper right corner to see the next installment.  There are nine consecutive posts.

Since this time we have done many more summer vacation stories, including camping trips, a visit to a dude ranch, an excursion to Disney World and another cross-country journey in 1999.

In 2005, the Flagstons rented a beach cottage for a week.  The first Sunday is above and the first three dailies are below.

Hi and Lois daily strips, 8/8 to 8/10, 2005.

Come back next week to see the rest of the story.

– Brian Walker


3 thoughts on “Timeline – 2005 Part 4

  1. I look forward to the vacations every year; I’d love to see more of the old Sundays. So glad Daily Ink is showing the old dailies. The bottom strip, where the twins are trying to turn Lois over so she doesn’t get burned, is one of my favorites.

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