Behind the Scenes

In 1957, Mort Walker and Dik Browne produced a special promotional Sunday page for King Features that told the story about how Hi and Lois had been created.  This artwork was provided to papers that subscribed to the feature and included a brief biography of Dik and a basic lesson on how he drew expressions on Ditto’s face.  Here’s a look back at this unique “behind the scenes” page.

Hi and Lois on Sunday

For many years, it was common practice for syndicates to release the daily strip version of a new feature before launching the Sunday page.  If the daily strip signed up enough newspaper clients the Sunday page would follow.  This was the case with Hi and Lois.

Two years after the daily strip began on October 16, 1954, the Sunday page was launched on October 14, 1956.  Here is the advertisement from Editor & Publisher that announced the debut of the Sunday page.

Hi and Lois Begins

King Features Syndicate launched the Hi and Lois daily comic strip on Monday, October 18, 1954.  This was the advertisement announcing the debut of the feature that ran in the trade magazine, Editor & Publisher, on October 16, 1954.

Editor & Publisher magazine, October 16, 1954.

Dik, who lived in the New York area, remembered seeing delivery trucks for the New York Journal-American with Hi and Lois ads on the sides.