2 thoughts on “February 18, 2019

  1. Sooo. A subtle dig at our president, Donald J. Trump. This cartoonist would not have any trouble with his characters saying, “Happy Presidents Day” if Hillary (the crook) Clinton was the president, eh? I just happened to see the first panel, as I started to read “Dilbert,” just above this cartoon strip (generally I just fold the paper before and after this cartoon, as I read some of the other cartoons…I do skip other biased cartoons also).

    I haven’t read this strip for over a year and one-half because of its snarky digs at President Trump, whom I ardently support…the FIRST president who has put in place policies which are beneficial to Americans, including the attempt to build barriers at our southern border

    Hey, cartoonist, why don’t you show Obama, Hillary, Schummer and Pelosi’s numerous comments over the last decade or so, saying that illegal immigrants must leave the United States and also must not be allowed to enter illegally. Nah, never will happen. Bias, bias and more bias. This is a biased cartoon and I skip it.

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