6 thoughts on “January 11, 2018

  1. I can’t see a sensible woman like Lois being a part of the V-hat crowd. Sensible feminism like Susan Anthony and Liz Stanton would be natural for her, but not the ridiculous extremes of the modern activism.

  2. Fantastic great good fun! It’s okay for a feminist to have a sense of humour even in an era of, at times, extreme political correctness. Each and every generation needs to express their feminism in their own way. All are valid.

  3. It devastated me to have the tradition in Hi & Lois of good clean, wholesome family values to become politicized in this fashion. My image of this cartoon strip has been shattered. Do you really think that the character Lois that you have portrayed for years would have a “pink protest hat”, let alone mar her little daughter to be so feministic at her young age?

    Please keep the traditional family values that you have portrayed for years in the comic strip. Some of us have to uphold the right way to raise a family. You have always been one we can depend on, until now.

  4. I was extremely disappointed in your Jan 11 cartoon, depicting Dot asking to use her mother’s “pink protest hat”…except that is not its actual name. It is officially called a “p***y” hat, designed to resemble a female body part. How offensive that you depict a little girl, let alone what WAS a great example of womanhood in her mother Lois, participating in such a warped view of feminism.

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