The Tracy Twins – History

I recently researched and wrote an article about The Tracy Twins for Hogan’s Alley magazine.  This piece will appear in the next issue, which should be coming out later this year.

The Tracy Twins was written by Al Stenzel, an art director who worked at the Johnstone and Cushing art agency.   He supervised the production of this unique monthly feature,  from its debut in Boys’ Life magazine in October 1953, until his death in January 1979.

A Mother’s Day Meal

Chance Browne and I both live in Wilton, Connecticut and occasionally we enjoy featuring local landmarks in the strip.  Orem’s Diner has been an institution in Wilton for more than ninety years.

Orem’s Diner at night, Wilton, Connecticut.

The original Orem’s Diner was once located on a large dairy farm owned by Charles Orem, where ice and milk were sold. The Diner has been housed in three different buildings since 1921. The Papanikolauo family, owners of Orem’s since 1980, relocated and rebuilt the current Diner at the intersection of Route 33 and Route 7. The original site, a few miles north was demolished for the widening of Route 7.