Summer Camp – Part Two

In the previous post we reprinted the first three strips of a 1965 story in which Chip goes to summer camp with his friend Jerry (who calls himself “Randall” in the second episode).  There were seven strips in the series, which ran from June 29 to July 27.

The fourth episode shows the inside of the bunk house with the boys getting ready for bed.  Apparently Chip enjoys swimming in ice-cold water.

Leaf Raking

There was a time when the sound of leaf blowers wasn’t constant during the fall season.  I remember raking leaves into piles on canvas tarps and dragging them to the driveway where my father burned them.  It is against the law to burn leaves without a permit in most towns now.  On the rare occasions when I do smell burning leaves, it makes me nostalgic for autumns long ago.

Theory of the Month – Part Two

Parents are always trying to maintain some semblance of order in a household with children.  They often make rules to control the chaos but these inevitably backfire.  Kids have a way of subverting ideas their parents have about the proper way to raise them.

This dynamic of family life inspired Mort Walker and Dik Browne to do a special series in the late 1960s.  “The Theory of the Month” strips ran about once a month during 1966 and continued off and on until the end of the decade.