Timeline – 1975 Part 4

Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, November 9, 1975.

“The Sunday funnies” is a term that evokes nostalgic images.  Family members arguing over who gets the comics first.  Children on their hands and knees gazing at the colorful pages scattered across the living room floor.  Father snoozing in his easy chair, the newspaper opened in his lap.  The kids looking over Grandpa’s shoulders.When newspaper comics were first introduced in the 1890s, they appeared, for the most part, in color on Sundays.  It wasn’t until the next decade that they were published regularly in the daily papers.

Timeline – 1974 Part 4

Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, December 22, 1974.

Christmas is a favorite holiday in the Flagston, Browne and Walker families. We always like to do something special at this time of the year.

The Sunday page above is one of my favorite seasonal episodes. Dot and Ditto can’t wait to give Hi his Christmas present. They make him guess what the gift is before he opens it. Their glee when he starts making preposterous suggestions has wonderful naïve innocence. When he finally makes the correct identification, Trixie’s look of surprise is priceless.

Timeline – 1974 Part 3

Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, November 10, 1974.

The autumnal-themed Hi and Lois Sunday pages, which are an annual tradition, feature some of Dik Browne’s best work. It was his favorite time of the year.

“Mort knows that I am a sucker for them,” Dik once said about these episodes.  “We’ve all lived in Connecticut and know how beautiful it can get.  I think Kipling described fall as the ‘last revolt of the tree people against the dying of the year.’”