The Tracy Twins – Part Three

In previous posts, I have shared some of Dik Browne’s wonderful work on the monthly comic feature, The Tracy Twins, which he did for Boys’ Life magazine from 1953 to 1975.  I have since confirmed, by looking through issues of Boys’ Life on Google Books, that the episode I posted previously, from October 1953, is the first page that Dik drew.

Hi and Lois on Sunday

For many years, it was common practice for syndicates to release the daily strip version of a new feature before launching the Sunday page.  If the daily strip signed up enough newspaper clients the Sunday page would follow.  This was the case with Hi and Lois.

Two years after the daily strip began on October 16, 1954, the Sunday page was launched on October 14, 1956.  Here is the advertisement from Editor & Publisher that announced the debut of the Sunday page.

Tracy Twins original art

I always wanted to own an original pen-and-ink Tracy Twins page from Boys’ Life by Dik Browne.  His son, Chance, has a few examples and I know of one or two other collectors that have one, but they are extremely rare.

Gill Fox, a veteran cartoonist who worked with Dik at the Johnstone and Cushing art agency in the 1950s passed away on May 15, 2004.  Gill had two 1960 Tracy Twins pages in his collection which were sold by the family at Heritage Auctions on May 20, 2005. They went for $74.75 and $63.00.