Easter Eggs


In celebration of the Easter holiday, we posted the Hi and Lois Sunday page above. Although Trixie Flagston has been appearing in newspapers for over sixty years, she’s still a newborn baby who is discovering the world.

Below is an Easter-themed New Yorker cover by Roz Chast.2004_04_12

In addition to drawing cartoons, Roz enjoys decorating Ukranian Easter eggs, known as “pysanky.”


Religious holidays are challenging to acknowledge in a comic strip that is read by millions of people from many different faiths.  We have to be careful not to offend anyone’s beliefs or advocate a specific religion.

Although we sometimes show the Flagston family going to church, their religious affiliation has never been specified.  It is safe to assume that they are Christians but we leave it at that.

An Easter Story

Over the years, Easter Sunday has presented an ideal opportunity to do special holiday-themed Hi and Lois Sunday pages.  Our readers come from many different religious backgrounds, so it is exclusionary to focus on the Christian traditions of Easter.  Although we occasionally make references to God in the strip, we try not to be too specific about the religious beliefs of the Flagston family.  Most of the Easter strips we do deal with bunnies, baskets, eggs and chocolate.