Fall Foliage 3

The Flagstons’ next-door neighbor, Thirsty Thurston, has a love-hate relationship with the season of autumn.  Throughout the year, his approach to home maintenance is laissez-faire.  He lets the grass grow in the summer and the leaves accumulate in the fall.  He would rather lounge in his lawn chair with a cold beer and watch the changing seasons than push a mower or pick up a rake.

Summer Vacations

Hi and Lois has been primarily a gag-a-day strip since its inception.  This means that each episode is a self-contained entity.  There have been stories that lasted for a week or more, but these tend to be special occasions.

Vacations have provided periodic opportunities for the Flagstons to break out of their daily routine and travel to interesting destinations.  In the early years of the feature, these usually occurred on a single Sunday.