Dik Browne 100th

Chance Browne wrote this tribute to his father on August 11, 2017.

On this day 100 years ago the world was blessed with the arrival of my dad, Dik Browne. He was a man whose talent can only be described as supernatural: everything he created bore the stamp of his singular genius. His kindness and generosity of
 spirit inspired everyone who was lucky enough to
 meet him. His alter ego may have been a barbarian,
but he was quite possibly the most civilized man
 that ever lived. He certainly was a shining example
 of just how wonderful people can be…
Ever the best of friends, Dad!

A Master of Pen and Ink

Dik Browne loved to draw. Here is a self-caricature he drew of himself at work, surrounded by his characters.DikCaricature

Cartoonists are frequently asked what kinds of tools they use. Dik’s favorite pen point was a Gillott #170 and his preferred ink was Higgins. Here is a Sunday page from 1980 that features some of his finest rendering.