Football Season


For many of our readers, weekends during the fall are a time for attending high school, college and professional football games.  It’s an American tradition.

Thirsty Thurston, the Flagston’s next-door neighbor, is an avid football fan.  He also loves to eat and drink, so tailgating is an important part of his routine.  In this Sunday page from 1998, Thirsty comes to the game well prepared.

Theory of the Month – Part Two

Parents are always trying to maintain some semblance of order in a household with children.  They often make rules to control the chaos but these inevitably backfire.  Kids have a way of subverting ideas their parents have about the proper way to raise them.

This dynamic of family life inspired Mort Walker and Dik Browne to do a special series in the late 1960s.  “The Theory of the Month” strips ran about once a month during 1966 and continued off and on until the end of the decade.

Labor Day

For many parents, Labor Day represents not only the last day of summer but also the beginning of the school year.  Hopefully, school supplies have been purchased and clothes for the first day have been selected.  Labor Day is a brief pause before ten months of shuttling kids around, nagging them to do their homework, attending open houses and teacher conferences and watching athletic events.