Labor Day

For many parents, Labor Day represents not only the last day of summer but also the beginning of the school year.  Hopefully, school supplies have been purchased and clothes for the first day have been selected.  Labor Day is a brief pause before ten months of shuttling kids around, nagging them to do their homework, attending open houses and teacher conferences and watching athletic events.

Summer Romance

Chip Flagston was about eight years old when Hi and Lois started in 1954.  He is the only character in the cast who has aged slightly over the years. Now fifteen, his adolescent libido is a rich source of gags.

Although he knew about them from the beginning, Chip really discovered the opposite sex as the strip matured.  He graduated from women-hater clubs and hiding in trees from schoolgirls to carrying their books and spending hours on the phone with his class sweetheart.  He has to go through this difficult age alone, convinced that his parents don’t understand anything about true romance.  After all, what do Moms and Dads know about the problems of teenage girls and boys?

Summer Vacations

Hi and Lois has been primarily a gag-a-day strip since its inception.  This means that each episode is a self-contained entity.  There have been stories that lasted for a week or more, but these tend to be special occasions.

Vacations have provided periodic opportunities for the Flagstons to break out of their daily routine and travel to interesting destinations.  In the early years of the feature, these usually occurred on a single Sunday.