An Easter Story

Over the years, Easter Sunday has presented an ideal opportunity to do special holiday-themed Hi and Lois Sunday pages.  Our readers come from many different religious backgrounds, so it is exclusionary to focus on the Christian traditions of Easter.  Although we occasionally make references to God in the strip, we try not to be too specific about the religious beliefs of the Flagston family.  Most of the Easter strips we do deal with bunnies, baskets, eggs and chocolate.

Hi and Lois on Sunday

For many years, it was common practice for syndicates to release the daily strip version of a new feature before launching the Sunday page.  If the daily strip signed up enough newspaper clients the Sunday page would follow.  This was the case with Hi and Lois.

Two years after the daily strip began on October 16, 1954, the Sunday page was launched on October 14, 1956.  Here is the advertisement from Editor & Publisher that announced the debut of the Sunday page.

The Flagstons Go To Disney World – Part 3

The Flagston family trip to Disney World ended with the Sunday page below.

Hi and Lois Sunday Page, April 26, 1992

As I wrote in the blog post on February 18, since we had not obtained permission from Disney to do this story, we had to replace the six daily strips from the sequence, but it was too late to pull the Sunday pages.