Working Parents

For almost three decades, Hi was the sole breadwinner in the Flagston family.  Every year, he declared all of his income and paid his taxes with a groan.  His credit rating was good and his character references were excellent.

Hi still works as a district sales manager for Foofram Industries, which manufactures fooframs of all types.  His boss, Mr. Foofram, inherited the business from his father and sits at an ornate throne in his office vainly trying to get his employees to do his bidding.  He is the quintessential small man in a big job – a lot of power but not very much wattage.

Happy Mother’s Day

My wife, Abby, does the cooking in our family, so on Mother’s Day, as a special treat, I usually make her breakfast in bed.  We also feature this tradition regularly in Hi and Lois.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are important holidays and it would be an oversight not to celebrate these occasions in a family strip like Hi and Lois.  But it does present a challenge to come up with fresh ideas ever year.  There are only so many variations on the breakfast-in-bed scenario.

“A Good Walk Spoiled”

This quote, describing the game of golf, is often attributed to Mark Twain, but he was probably not the first one to say it.  One of the earliest known usages of the phrase is from  a 1903 book about lawn tennis, in which a writer remarked about two fellow players: “one of the best of their many excellent dicta is that ‘to play golf is to spoil an otherwise enjoyable walk.’”