The 1999 Road Trip Begins

Last summer we revisited a five-week story from 1966 during which the Flagston family took an epic road trip across America.  This sequence featured thirty daily strips and four Sunday pages and was the longest continuity ever done in Hi and Lois.

During their journey, the Flagstons traveled across the Great Plains, visited Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, the Grand Canyon and Salt Lake City and ended their tour on the west coast where they saw redwood trees, totem poles and surfers.

Leaf Raking

There was a time when the sound of leaf blowers wasn’t constant during the fall season.  I remember raking leaves into piles on canvas tarps and dragging them to the driveway where my father burned them.  It is against the law to burn leaves without a permit in most towns now.  On the rare occasions when I do smell burning leaves, it makes me nostalgic for autumns long ago.