Timeline – 2000 Part 2

Hi and Lois Sunday page digital proof, July 30, 2000.

Hiram Flagston works as an assistant district manager for Foofram Industries.  He commutes to the office from his home in the suburbs every day.

Here he is returning from work in 1965.

Hi doesn’t get to travel on business very often.  In the Sunday page above he is packing for a trip and the kids think he’s going on vacation.  Lois sounds envious that Hi is getting a break from family life.

Dad Dreams

Hi Dreaming

Hiram Flagston is a big dreamer. He has a decent job at Foofram Industries but has always had loftier ambitions.

This Sunday page from 1998 reveals some of his hopes for the future.

Hi and Lois Sunday page, June 21, 1998.

Hi and Lois Sunday page, June 21, 1998.

We rarely miss the opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in Hi and Lois. These are two of the most important family holidays of the year. Parents need to be acknowledged for the essential role they play in raising their children and contributing to society.