Timeline – 2004 Part 4

Hi and Lois Sunday page digital proof, September 19, 2004.

The Flagston’s next-door neighbors, Irma and Thirsty  Thurston, don’t have any children.  Although they can’t truly comprehend the demands of parenthood, they have a genuine affection for Chip, Dot, Ditto and Trixie.

In the Sunday page above, Lois tells Irma how the kids feel about her.  It turns out to be a ploy to ask her to babysit.


When Thirsty Thurston, the Flagstons next-door-neighbor, was first introduced in 1961, his spouse was not identified.  Thirsty served mainly as a golfing buddy for Hi.

In this strip from 1962, Lois refers to “Carrie,” who is not shown, while Thirsty is feeding their newborn baby.  The Thurston’s child and Carrie were never mentioned again.