Timeline – 1963 Part 1

Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, March 17. 1963.

In a recent post, http://hiandlois.com/2017/03/18/timeline-1962-part-1/#more-70650, we showed how Dik Browne used a primitive drawing style to represent Dot’s point of view in a Hi and Lois Sunday page from 1962.

In this episode, Chip has an opportunity to express himself in cartoon form. His comic strip is not as innocent as Dot’s. He was going for maximum entertainment value. As a result of Chip’s imaginative depiction of his home life, Hi and Lois feel the need to schedule a meeting with his teacher to explain it was all just a joke. There have undoubtedly been many parents who have had to deal with their kids’ budding creativity in this way.

Chip’s Paper Route – Part 1


Chip Flagston got a job as a paperboy in 1970 and, like many boys his age, had his first experiences in the world of business. I had a paper route delivering the Greenwich Time in the mid-1960s, which might have inspired my father to come up with this idea.

Collecting money from his clients, counting his meager earnings and eventually being outdone by a papergirl taught Chip responsibility, integrity and how to get Ditto to do his deliveries for him.