Timeline – 1973 Part 2

Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, March 18, 1973.

The clothing that the characters in Hi and Lois wear has not changed much over the years. Hi with his frumpy golf sweater and khakis. Chip with his baseball cap, T-shirt and blue jeans. Dot and Ditto with their big shoes that resemble the boots in Beetle Bailey.

Timeline – 1968 Part 2

Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, February 11, 1968.

Ditto Flagston is seven years old and comes up with more ways to get in trouble than Lois can shake her finger at. Nevertheless, he’s a lovable little monster. His naïve innocence gives him a winning charm. He is a kid without any adult pretensions who recaptures a sense of fun most of us lost with our youth.

Timeline – 1964 Part 2

Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, June 28, 1964.

This classic Sunday page from 1964 shows Lois Flagston on a trip to town. She is dressed in an attractive red dress with pearls, white gloves and a stylish hat. Her friend Millie admires her for looking so fresh and calm while planning a large lunch party at the same time her home is being renovated. With Hi’s help, Lois is regarded by her peers as a super capable suburban housewife.