Summer Vacations

Hi and Lois has been primarily a gag-a-day strip since its inception.  This means that each episode is a self-contained entity.  There have been stories that lasted for a week or more, but these tend to be special occasions.

Vacations have provided periodic opportunities for the Flagstons to break out of their daily routine and travel to interesting destinations.  In the early years of the feature, these usually occurred on a single Sunday.

Family Service

Most cartoonists try to give back to their communities whenever they can and Mort Walker is no exception.  Sometimes he has even managed to get his family involved in charitable activities.  In 1964 Mort created the “Community Chest Kids,” who looked very similar to Dot and Ditto in  Hi and Lois, for the Community Chest Drive in our hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut.  The goal was to raise $449,000 for ten local services.

“A Good Walk Spoiled”

This quote, describing the game of golf, is often attributed to Mark Twain, but he was probably not the first one to say it.  One of the earliest known usages of the phrase is from  a 1903 book about lawn tennis, in which a writer remarked about two fellow players: “one of the best of their many excellent dicta is that ‘to play golf is to spoil an otherwise enjoyable walk.’”