Timeline – 2005 Part 4

Hi and Lois Sunday page digital proof, August 7, 2005.

Hi and Lois has been primarily a gag-a-day strip since its inception.  This means that each episode is a self-contained entity.  There have been stories that lasted for a week or more, but these tend to be special occasions.

Vacations have provided periodic opportunities for the Flagstons to break out of their daily routine and travel to interesting destinations.  In the early years of the feature, these usually occurred on a single Sunday.

The 1999 Road Trip – Week One

During the first week of their 1999 summer vacation, the Flagstons traveled across the Great Plains towards the Continental Divide.  Along the way, they spend a night in a cheap motel, drive past yet another popular tourist attraction and get an aerial view of a run-down trailer park.  This is not the perfect family getaway.