Vagabond Ranch


On August 4, 2007, the Flagstons headed west to Vagabond Ranch for a weeklong summer vacation.

When I was twelve and thirteen years old, I spent two summers at the real Vagabond Ranch in Granby, Colorado. In 1949, Charlie and Veronica Pavek, two grade school teachers from Rumsey Hall in Washington, Connecticut, purchased 108 acres in Grand County, Colorado, and started a summer camp.

Summer Camp – Part Two

In the previous post we reprinted the first three strips of a 1965 story in which Chip goes to summer camp with his friend Jerry (who calls himself “Randall” in the second episode).  There were seven strips in the series, which ran from June 29 to July 27.

The fourth episode shows the inside of the bunk house with the boys getting ready for bed.  Apparently Chip enjoys swimming in ice-cold water.