There is an advertising campaign currently running on television for a tax preparation company with the theme, “The Year of the You.”

“You had a big year,” the narrator says.  “Celebrate all the things you did, and all the things you’re capable of doing. Get your taxes done right with …”

These commercials make it sound like collecting bank statements, adding up receipts and filling out forms is like turning the pages of a scrapbook filled with cherished memories.  We all know the process is not that blissful.


This year, the deadline to submit tax returns for most Americans is Monday, April 15. Millions of taxpayers will undoubtedly be scrambling frantically over the weekend to finish filling out their forms.  This annual event always presents a challenge for many of us in the funnies business – how to find humor in an obligatory task that the majority of our readers regard as tedious and unrewarding.