Al Stenzel – Writer of The Tracy Twins

The Tracy Twins was illustrated by Dik Browne from its debut in the October 1953 issue of Boys’ Life magazine until he handed it over to other artists in the early 1970s. The feature was written and designed by Al Stenzel, an art director at the Johnstone and Cushing agency.

Here is a reprint of an illustrated tribute that ran in Boys’ Life after Stenzel passed away in 1979.StenzelThis 1970 episode of The Tracy Twins was probably one of the last ones that Dik drew.TTCityIn the current issue of Hogan’s Alley (#20) there is an article I wrote about the history of The Tracy Twins. To purchase a copy or subscribe to this wonderful magazine go to:

The Tracy Twins – 1957

Three years after Hi and Lois started, Dik Browne moved his family from 106 Rynda Road in South Orange, New Jersey to 85 Rivergate Drive in Wilton, Connecticut.

Dik’s studio was in the basement of the house in Wilton. “It was a very informal set up, not meant for public viewing – a private workshop,” Chance Browne recollected. “It was right next to the laundry and all of the chaos that engenders coming and going. He would just get up early and stay up late every day. He was pretty much a full time worker. If he was awake, he was at the table.”

Christmas with The Tracy Twins

The Tracy Twins, which was illustrated by Dik Browne, made its debut in the October 1953 issue of Boys’ Life magazine, one year before the first episode of Hi and Lois appeared in newspapers on October 18, 1954.

Here is a classic holiday-themed page from 1961.

The Tracy Twins, Boys' Life magazine, December 1961.

The Tracy Twins, Boys’ Life magazine, December 1961.