Happy Halloween

It’s the time of year for carving pumpkins and making mischief, which provides us with an opportunity to reprint another classic Tracy Twins page.  This memorable feature was written by Al Stenzel and illustrated by Dik Browne and made its debut in Boys’ Life magazine in October 1953.

In the January 1954 episode of The Tracy Twins, Dicky and Nicky’s grandfather, an old gent with a bowtie and suspenders who loved telling tall tales about past exploits and long-lost relatives, made his first appearance.  Grandpa became an integral member of the cast along with a set of typical 1950s Baby Boom parents.  Most of the plots revolved around clever schemes, often inspired by Grandpa’s stories, which inevitably backfired.

The Tracy Twins – History

I recently researched and wrote an article about The Tracy Twins for Hogan’s Alley magazine.  This piece will appear in the next issue, which should be coming out later this year.

The Tracy Twins was written by Al Stenzel, an art director who worked at the Johnstone and Cushing art agency.   He supervised the production of this unique monthly feature,  from its debut in Boys’ Life magazine in October 1953, until his death in January 1979.

The Tracy Twins – Part Three

In previous posts, I have shared some of Dik Browne’s wonderful work on the monthly comic feature, The Tracy Twins, which he did for Boys’ Life magazine from 1953 to 1975.  I have since confirmed, by looking through issues of Boys’ Life on Google Books, that the episode I posted previously, from October 1953, is the first page that Dik drew.