When Thirsty Thurston, the Flagstons next-door-neighbor, was first introduced in 1961, his spouse was not identified.  Thirsty served mainly as a golfing buddy for Hi.

In this strip from 1962, Lois refers to “Carrie,” who is not shown, while Thirsty is feeding their newborn baby.  The Thurston’s child and Carrie were never mentioned again.

Keeping Up with the Neatlys

Suburbia is the setting for Hi and Lois.  During the 1950s, housing developments like Levittown in Long Island were springing up outside large cities and baby boom parents were settling in these communities to raise their children. They immediately tried to make their cookie-cutter homes look more distinctive by installing fences, awnings, terraces, barbecues and other improvements.  Mowing lawns, planting gardens and raking leaves occupied these suburbanites on the weekends.