Timeline – 1998 Part 3

Hi and Lois Sunday page digital proof, September 6, 1998.

Soliciting rides from strangers, commonly know as hitchhiking, began as soon as automobiles started driving on highways.

Since 1970, there has been a decline in hitchhiking in the United States due to a number of factors, including lower airfares, more money for travel, numerous and reliable cars, and a lack of trust of strangers.

Timeline – 1975 Part 2

Hi and Lois Sunday page color proof, June 8, 1975.

Spring is arriving late in New England this year.  It is already mid-April and this is the first day the temperature has gone above 70 degrees.

We like to chronicle the changing seasons in Hi and Lois.  The strip’s creators, the Walkers and the Brownes, have lived primarily in Connecticut, so the outdoor scenes reflect the way we experience them. We have snow in the winter, flowers in the spring, heat in the summer and leaves in the fall.  Not all areas of the country have snow.  Readers there have to use their imaginations and see the world through our eyes.