The Family

  • Hiram Flagston

    Hiram Flagston is the happy husband of a beautiful wife and the proud father of four lovely children.  He works as the district sales manager for Foofram Industries, pays his taxes, mows his lawn and loves to play golf.  He is a decent and likable guy who anyone would be glad to call a friend.  A willing supporter of his wife’s career choices, Hi doesn’t mind taking care of the kids or fixing dinner, even though he’s a lousy cook.  Although he occasionally daydreams about his lost youth, he will never experience a midlife crisis because, like most cartoon characters, he doesn’t age.

  • Lois Flagston

    Lois Flagston started out as a classic baby-boomer mom:  a romantic lover to her husband, a devoted den mother to her kids, and a civic activist in the community. The perfect housewife, she’s always worked hard at raising the children and making her home a loving, laughing place.  Lois survived the “battle of the sexes” and changed with the times. In 1980, she took a job as a real estate agent, creating many new challenges in her life. Like most of today’s career-women, she still has the same old household responsibilities and parental obligations.

  • Chip Flagston

    Chip Flagston is the only character in the cast who has aged slightly over the years.  In the beginning, he was about eight years old but now he’s fifteen, perched on the precipice of adulthood, waiting to get his driver’s license, hoping for his first serious romance and looking forward to college. He will never know the joys of paying income taxes, commuting to work or having his car repaired. He will, however, keep learning about the mysteries of the opposite sex, the hypocrisies of the older generation and the inevitability of homework. One thing is for sure, Chip will never get around to cleaning up his room. He is probably afraid of what he might find after five decades of accumulation.

  • Ditto Flagston

    Ditto Flagston, who is seven years old, has discovered more ways of getting in trouble than his mother can shake her finger at. He broke a window with his first home run and took a bath with his cowboy suit on. He imitates everything his father does and has an insatiable appetite for cookies. He is a kid who maintains that sense of fun most of us lost with our childhood.

  • Dot Flagston

    Dot Flagston is more precocious than Ditto and believes in her inalienable right to boss her twin brother around. The result is a minor-league battle of the sexes, pitting Dot’s compulsive nature against Ditto’s impulsive behavior. She is a know-it-all and a tattletale with a generous dose of sugar and spice thrown in. In more recent years, she has added a feminist point of view to her pushy personality.

  • Trixie Flagston

    Trixie Flagston is cute and cuddly but has also developed a capacity for cynicism and over confidence. She keeps a running commentary on family life inside her thought balloons and looks at the world through the window of the Flagstons’ home. She loves to feel the warmth of her friend, Sunbeam, and snuggle up with Dawg to take a nap. Although she wouldn’t mind increasing her vocabulary or learning to walk, she will never give up pulling paper out of the wastebasket or tossing peas in the air.

  • Supporting cast

    A number of supporting players have also become regulars in Hi and Lois. Dawg, the fun-loving family pet, does his best to add to the general chaos. Jerry plays drums and Sid plays keyboards, along with Chip on guitar, in a noisy garage band. Next-door neighbor Thirsty Thurston is everything Hi isn’t, a lazy, irresponsible chauvinist who lets his long-suffering wife, Irma, do most of the work around the house. Hi’s boss, Mr. Foofram, is the quintessential small man in a big job with lots of power but not very much wattage.  The local garbage collectors, rotund Abercrombie and sloppy Fitch, stick their noses into everyone’s business. Mr. Strivemore, a yuppie across the street, and Mr. Wavering, a charming old codger from down the block, make occasional appearances.